High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

Utilising high-quality, high-pressure jetting systems we deliver versatile solutions to every High-Pressure Water jetting project.

Our fleet consist of: 

  • Recycling 110gpm deep lift jetting/suction units.
  • Flexline 90gpm deep lift/jetting/suction units
  • Combination 50gpm jetting/suction units
  • Mini Combo 28gpm jetting/suction units
  • Gully Emptier with Jetting capabilities
  • Van pack 8-22gpm jetting units
  • Remote Reel

Typical applications for these units include:

  • Desilting, Root Cutting, Fat removal & Descaling of Pipelines, Culverts, Conduits & Vessels.
  • Deep lift suction works including wet wells, shafts, mines
  • Pumping Stations
  • Tank emptying
  • Blockage clearance

The exact velocity and effectiveness of High-Pressure Jetting can be varied depending on the project and client requirements. By selection of the most appropriate pressure within a 1,000 to 10,000 psi range and volume delivery from 8 to 110 gallons per minute with choices of jet nozzle used to bring further flexibility & efficiency.

High-Pressure Water Jetting has many advantages, including being environmentally friendly with no chemical use. Some of our units have a footprint no larger than a standard van, meaning that they can access places where larger units would have difficulties, and some of our vehicles have full remote control allowing users to use the equipment up to 200 metres away from the unit.

All our operators are fully trained in the safe working and use of water jetting and follow the Water Jetting Association Code of Practice.

Gully Cleansing

Road gullies are designed to drain surface water away from roads and pavements.

By utilising our combination gully emptier and jetting units our engineers clear the grid of debris and raise the grating and vacuum debris or excess water into the tank via a gully suction boom. Clean water is then discharged into the gully to ensure the outlet pipe is working correctly and the high-pressure water jet clears any blockages as required. This also applies to our cattle grid cleaning service.

As an additional service, we can offer fully computerised printouts of the gullies emptied, identifying the time spent on each gully with the GPS location; and the amount of waste extracted.

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