Diver/ROV Surveys

Working with our partners E.D.S we have the experience and expertise to carry out specialist dive and ROV inspections.

Our capabilities include –

  • A fully trained and compliant dive team with Structural Engineering qualifications
  • Material thickness testing units
  • Various size ROV survey units

All surveys are recorded in MPEG format with full structural reports and can be tailored to suit all client requirements.

Railway Workings

Using our specialist team of PTS-qualified operatives, we have the ability to carry out many aspects of Railway works and are fully certified by audit.

Our skill set allow for the following services to be provided –

  • Labour Supply
  • Drain Clearance and CCTV surveying
  • Construction & Maintenance works
  • Levelling & Topographical surveys

Watercourse Damming

Where culverts & pipelines need to be dewatered for inspection and cleaning, we provide a service to dam off and de-water the culverts.

Utilising specially reinforced sheets and a large slew, we can section off the watercourses and dewater the specific area. To ensure no harm comes to any wildlife/fish, we use a proven environmentally friendly way to dewater.

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