Septic Tanks and Interceptor Cleaning

From time to time, septic tanks need cleansing and the removal of excess waste.

There is even a cost benefit in having the septic tank emptied regularly, as the waste treatment costs are lower.

We have the equipment and expertise to efficiently cleanse & empty septic tanks throughout Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset, and treat the transferred waste ethically and environmentally at our treatment works.

Our site engineers are trained to spot faults and advise on any issues that you may be concerned with, including the regularity of emptying, and issues regarding soakaways, drains, and odour management.

We can also provide CCTV surveys and quotations for any remedial works that may be required.

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Waste Tankering and Vacuumation

Glanville Environmental specialise in industrial cleaning and can deal with large volumes of waste every day.

With over 39 years of experience in waste management and disposal, we operate one of the most modern fleets of waste tankers in the South West with tankers equipped with high-pressure jetting facilities for removal of blockages and clean-up operations.

Our tankers can contain up to 30,000 litres of liquid in one visit and we also operate tankers as small as 5,500 litres (1200 gallons) making the removal of smaller loads more cost-effective. Our fleet of tankers undergoes regular inspections and tests to ensure the tanks conform to the latest regulations.

We can offer collection, treatment, or disposal throughout the South West & Midlands, with the ability to empty septic tanks, grease traps, oil interceptors, storage tanks, trade effluent, road gully waste, and treatment plant process tanks, and municipal wastes.

Difficult to handle waste such as sludge and heavy silt can be removed with ease using our high-powered Liquid Ring Vacuum Units operating by a diesel-driven vacuum pump. These units are well suited to remove and transport thick and solid materials such as slurries and mud.

As a registered waste carrier and broker, Glanville Environmental is capable of transporting most types of wastewater in liquid or sludge form.

Where a project requires the waste to be analysed, we can obtain full laboratory testing and results, this is vital to ensure precise classification meaning that no hazardous waste is taken to landfill.

We work closely with our clients to identify the most efficient options to deliver quick results that minimise transport costs and keep environmental impacts to a minimum, and operate an emergency tankering service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Waste Disposal Treatment Handling

Glanville Environmental owns its own fully licensed waste treatment facility and always follows environmentally responsible practices and recycles where possible.

We specialise in collecting and treating waste with minimal environmental impact and offer a unique and highly efficient service utilising our Treatment Plant.

Sewage treatment is a multi-stage process to renovate wastewater before it re-enters a drainage system or is applied to land. Our plant removes organic matter and solids by using a process of aeration and special polymers that remove all the bacteria and suspended solids. Once it has completed this process, samples are taken and tested, and the final effluent is discharged into the SWW drainage system. Our plant is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and South West Water and capable of processing a maximum throughput of 300m3 per shift.

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