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Mousehole Harbour – Pollution Prevention Scheme

Mousehole is a small picturesque fishing village located between Penzance and Lands’ End.

A section of the gravity sewer located on the foreshore was leaking into the harbour. Dye-testing identified the location of the leak and defects in the pipe that needed replacing.

Due to the complex nature of the project, the Glanville Environmental team had to overcome specific challenges both operationally and logistically.

These included; the management of high volumes of flow, the location of the damaged pipe, the tidal implications, and the potential for further spillage.

Narrow and restrictive streets within the village hampered access to equipment and heavy plant.

In consultation with the Environment Agency (EA) a plan was agreed that involved isolating the affected section of sewer pipe and installing an over pumping system.  To ensure the overland pipe would efficiently cope with the high flows when the system surcharged the EA gave permission, and monitored, controlled out-pumping to take place.

This then ensured that no uncontrolled sewage spills entered the harbour for the duration of the works.

Once isolated, the damaged pipe was replaced by pipe welded HPPR anchored to pre-cast concrete collars, that acted as anti-flotation devises. Once the pipe was securely in place the job was completed with a concrete infill.

On completion the system was again dye-tested, which indicated the job was successful and no leaks were evident.

To keep everyone affected by the works updated all residents and businesses received a letter explaining the scheme.  The project team were also in close contact with the Harbour Commissioners, who were very supportive, offering advice and updating the community. They were also very complimentary about the scheme.

The following feedback was received by the Stakeholder Relations Lead at South West Water (SWW) from Tim Pullen, Vice Chairman at Mousehole Harbour Authority (MHA).

“We at MHA want to say thank you to both SWW and Glanville’s and everyone who has been involved with the project to remedy the pipe in the harbour for the work they have done. It is very much appreciated not only by us but also by the residents of Mousehole. We were especially pleased that the dye test showed no further leaks. The works were also carried out so as to cause the minimum of disruption which is again appreciated.”  

James Blake, Civils Manager, at Glanville Environmental, said, “I would like to acknowledge the involvement and support we received from the Environmental Agency, Mousehole Harbour Authority, the Marine Management Organisation and our client, South West Water.

Working together the scheme was successfully completed on time, in a challenging environment, with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the people of Mousehole.”