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Glanville’s work against the tide at Batson Creek, Salcombe

This particularly unusual and challenging scheme required detailed planning, skill and speed to complete.

The damage was causing loss of service and external flooding to a nearby property.

Following initial investigations, it was confirmed that the pipework was damaged and needed replacing.

The project involved replacing a 14-metre length of 6-inch ductile iron pipework that lay under the foreshore with HPPE welded pipe.

Given the unusual location, plant and equipment had to be carefully placed on the foreshore by means of a crane from the nearest access point.

This was located two metres above the works area on the quayside and only accessible by a very narrow road.

To ensure no environmental impact was caused by the use of equipment on the foreshore, Glanville’s had the digger modified to operate on biodegradable fuel and oil.

To add to the complexity of the project, the team had to work within a four and a half hour tidal window.

The project also required a Marine Management Organisation (MMO) licence to work on the foreshore.

This organisation regulate and plan marine activities in the seas around England.

Once the existing pipe was exposed, the damage became clear, it was estimated that approximately 85% of the pipe was blocked.

As the project progressed, there was also the additional challenge of preventing any spillage of sewage into the sea and any salt water from entering the sewer system.

This was achieved and the project was successfully completed one day ahead of schedule.