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Full steam ahead for Glanville’s resource saving pipelining project

Adam Kelly, Project Engineer at Glanville Environmental, recently led a Planned Works team over hill and dale to complete a pipelining project in fields close to St Columb Major in Cornwall.

Following a CCTV survey that identified old and defective pipework that was constantly blocking due to root mass and water infiltration, it was clear that the pipe would need to be rehabilitated.

Initially, identifying land ownership proved quite problematic, as it had been recently sold. Following some detective work, the land owner was found, permission granted and work then commenced.

Adams team lined 60metres of 300mm pipework which involved working in a challenging location across several fields.

Completion of the work improved flow and restricted the amount of ground water entering the sewer system, that was, in turn, overloading the water treatment works.

To compound the issue, completing the job was also dependent on the weather and could only be undertaken at certain times of the year because the pipework ran through a field that was prone to flooding.

Because of the rurality of the setting and the location of the pipeline the team also encountered tanker access difficulties.

Taking this into consideration the decision was taken to line and cure the pipework using the steam process.

The decision to use steam, as opposed to the more common re-circulating hot water method, has the added benefit of saving valuable resources.

It was estimated that using steam on this particular project used approximately 900 gallons of water, as opposed to approximately 7800 gallons that would have been needed when using the hot water method. Using steam also takes approximately half the time to cure the lining.

On completion of the project, Adam said: “This was the first time Glanville have used this particular system, and it proved very successful. It minimised the environmental impact, saved valuable resources, and with the time saved, reduced the inconvenience to the landowner.

Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of RSM Lining Supplies.