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‘ALL SAFE’ is the clear message to everyone at Glanville Environmental

Glanville Environmental recently launched their new company-wide health and safety campaign ‘All Safe’.

The campaign re-enforces the company’s commitment to continual improvement for the standards of the health, safety and wellbeing of company staff, clients, public and the environment.

The company has stringent and robust health and safety procedures in place, but is never complacent and always strives to make improvements.

Glanville’s have aligned their campaign and those of their key clients including Pennon Group’s Home Safe.

The new campaign aims to further improve communications between management, the safety team and staff, reinforcing the company’s safe working culture.

To strengthen the ‘All Safe’ message to their staff, Glanville’s undertake ‘stand down’ mandatory training sessions, monthly campaigns, toolbox talks, briefings and issue regular safety bulletins.

The company keep abreast of latest safety innovations and always review, trial and implement new equipment, clothing and machinery that will help keep staff and everyone they come into contact with safe.

Employees from all areas of the company, recently attended ‘All Safe’ presentations across the region as part of the company-wide campaign.

Tony Lamerton, Glanville’s Senior Health and Safety Manager delivered the informative and thought provoking presentations.

Tony pulled no punches when discussing the importance of, for example, wearing personal protective clothing (PPE), which at times included hard-hitting images and video footage to illustrate a point.

Tony stated: “There is nothing more important than the safety of our staff and everyone affected by our work. Glanville Environmental prides itself on its excellent health and safety record and the investment it makes to continually improve and drive-up safety standards, both for the company and the sector as a whole.”

The clear message staff took away from these sessions were to remember the Core Expectations of “Follow the rules, assess all risks and always take ownership.”

Pictured following the ‘All Safe’ presentation are (left) John Lambert (Project Engineer), David Thomas (Operative), Jo Wills (Works Order Administrator), Adam Kelly (Project Engineer) and Trevor Clements (CCTV Operative).