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Combination Jetting and Suction

Glanville Environmental has a very comprehensive range of JetVac units capable of handling effective and efficient cleaning for all applications.

Glanville Environmental owns and operates a modern and comprehensive fleet of combination jetvacs which are  capable of dealing with every cleaning situation, each unit utilises the latest state of the art developments in jetting and suction  technology.

Glanville Environmental can supply  several types of Jetvac units, ranging from small footprint 7.5 tonnes units to larger more powerful flexlines and recycling units. Our jetvac are capable of cleaning from 100mm to 2000mm diameter pipes and culverts. Our larger larger units are capable of jetting at 100 gpm, up to lengths of 400 metres.

Our jetvac units can remove silt, debris, scale and roots from drains, culverts and sewers as well as pumping station wet wells, large digestors, , septic tanks, oil interceptors,  catchpits and siphons. By utilising a variety of jet nozzles and root cutting jetting heads, each unit is well equipped to cover every operational eventuality.
Glanville Environmental Jetting and Suction:

Large Capacity Vacuum Pumps:
Excellent performance for every application with maximum suction and large carrying capacity backed up by our own tanker fleet.

Maximum Usage:
Glanville Environmental’s powerful jetting and suction units are capable of clearing greater depths and larger diameters over  very long distances.

Environmentally Friendly:
Glanville Environmental’s jetvac units are capable of recycling dirty water for reuse as jetting water which minimises site downtime for refilling and mains water usage.

Where Access is Difficult
With long operating ranges our units are suitable for many difficult access applications. For very inaccessible projects, the remote hose reel which can operated remotely from the jetvac many cleaning applications can become possible.