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GPS / Topographical Asset Mapping Outfall Inspections / Structural Assessments

GPS / Topographical Surveys

Glanville Environmental owns a range of survey and inspection equipment designed to meet every survey requirement we are then able to present a comprehensive and accurate picture of an asset’s description and location.

Providing true scaled plans of natural and manmade features in any given area with height and coordinate information. This is tied in to the Ordinance Survey datum by GPS.

Drainage area studies and topographical surveys form a solid basis for sewer modelling and testing hydraulic efficiency. This information can be invaluable for pre- planning system extension, evaluating flood risk, planning remedial work and maintenance programmes for drains and sewers.

Asset Mapping

Utilising the information provided from the GPS / Topographical surveys our in house engineers using the latest CAD / GIS software have the ability to produce accurate and detailed mapping of assets to suit any client requirements.

Outfall Inspections / Structural Assessments

Using state of the art equipment and with our highly qualified engineers we are able to carry out detailed structural assessments / inspections to enable a full asset condition report to be produced  identifying service, maintenance and construction defects. The report will also provide detailed recommendations for remedial requirements to ensure the longevity of the structure is maintained.

Our in house teams regularly asses the following:

  • Outfall Structures
  • Manholes/CSO/Overflows
  • Pump Stations
  • Culverts
  • Buildings
  • Walls
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Steel Buildings